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A Supported Approach to Dating

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Therapy and Coaching focused on helping you find love

What does Dating Like an Adult mean?

It means becoming aware of the ways we sabotage our dating relationships and adopting healthier ways of relating to a potential mate so that we are able to create the fulfilling relationship we deserve.

Holding Hands


Dating Like An Adult offers personalized individual sessions, group sessions, workshops, coaching sessions by phone and a meet-up group for local Orange County residents.


We specialize only in issues related to dating and relationships and our approach is to build your confidence in the area of dating so that you can move past blocks and feel supported in finding and creating the relationship you have always wanted and deserved.

Online Dating

Meet Kara

Kara Holmes is a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern and successful Dating Coach in Orange County, CA. Her approach is to relate to clients in an empathetic and nurturing way that leaves them feeling safe and confident in moving toward the love they have always wanted to experience in their lives. She is a published author, speaker, and lead consultant at Your Online Dating Consultants – www.youroninedatingconsultants.com– where she also provides consulting for online dating.

Having been through a divorce herself, Kara was able to apply her approach to dating in her own life to find the man of her dreams and the love she had always wanted and deserved. She is passionate about sharing this approach with her therapy and coaching clients and has a very successful track record of clients finding the relationships they have always dreamed of quickly.

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